Custom Themes: Six Ways in Which They Can Improve Your Site Performance

There are lots of websites that are available today that operate on different platforms. While some operate on WordPress, others operate on BlogSpot and many other different platforms. To support the functionality of these platforms, there are lots of developers that every now and then release updates for the different platforms. Together with the release of these updates are themes. Basically, a theme is the skin of the website. Through the theme, the performance of a site can be enhanced. There are different types of themes that are available today. While some are general, others are specific for a given class of sites. There are for instance education themes, shopping themes, bicycle themes, and many others.

There are free themes and those that you have to pay for so that you can download and install. Themes that you pay for do come with an increased number of setups and some degree of customization that cannot be found with the other themes. It is always good to have these that are customized to your site. Assuming you are running a fruit business, it would be easy if you get a theme that exemplifies that. There are lots of benefits that come with the installation of customized themes.


Themes developed specifically for a given content management system such as WordPress and for a certain class of sites such as health sites tend to have more traction than those that are developed for general use. When visitors come to your site, they will register a sense of uniqueness and a feeling of authority. This leads to visitors staying longer on the site and eventually buying your products and services. Customization enhances the reputation of a site.

SEO Exposure and Authority:

The main aim of a website is to enable your business to gain exposure to your target market more than your closest competitors. This will ensure that you get noticed as a reliable business outfit and therefore getting ahead of your peers in as far as search engine ranking is concerned. Custom themes bring along with them a certain level of distinctiveness that makes the brand they are representing unique and authoritative. You can leverage on this distinctiveness

Brand Exposure:

Custom made themes usually incorporate features that enable your business to be known by its brand rather than the category it is in. most of these themes are designed in such a manner that they give you considerable control to help you position your logos and scheme the color themes and all that. This is very crucial if such sites are to reflect the themes of your business. All this creates a unique-to-you website that carries high your brand banner. With successful branding comes successful marketing and business operations.

Reduced Bounce Rate:

The reason web traffic cannot stand a site even for a minute is due to the fact that the design and appearance of such sites are so unfriendly. There are some sites for instance that do not even have arrows directing the traffic on where to move next. This affects the quality of traffic that comes to your site. Custom themes are professionally designed taking into consideration all these factors about traffic and web visitors. They help reduce your percentage bounce rate significantly and enhance traffic flow.

Scaling Flexibility:

A good website is that which has the capacity to grow and develop in the future. Due to the increase in the products and services offered, this is expected. Custom themes are designed with this in mind; they give the web owner the extra flexibility to add pages and manipulate the site the way they want. Some of them have plugins that help you to add other functionalities to enable you to manage your increased site usage and accessibility.

A Sense of Ownership:

Custom themes are usually installed with all the rights and functionality. This is very important because it brings in the atmosphere of being in total control. The vendor usually gives you the control panel access and all the security features so that you can personalize the themes and make it reflect your style.  This aspect encourages the growth and development of the site. You can upload your own photos and files further making it more glamorous. This will give your site the pull factor.


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