How to get more traffic to your website with paid traffic sources

paid traffic source can actually mean just about any traffic source on the Internet both because no matter what type of source you choose there are people willing to charge you for it, plus we cannot forget that productive time is expensive. For example, it may not cost you anything to post something onto Facebook, but the time you spend on there looking at your competitor’s girlfriend to see if she has gotten fat is actually time you could have spent making money.

Added to this, many people are going to put staff members onto a thing such as social media so that they may build a traffic conversion campaign and their hours will have to be paid for. Here are some tips to get more traffic to your website for a sensible business person.

Start with a sales plan:

Do not decide right away what sort of paid traffic source is going to drive your traffic. You can choose a few traffic sources, but that is not the point. There are some traffic sources that are going to cost you a lot of money, get you a lot of traffic, but buy you no sales or conversions.

Start by doing mini tests on each paid traffic source. You are not looking for how much traffic you get, you are looking for how quickly people bounce and if they convert into customers or readers. Once you have found a few valuable paid traffic sources you may start to develop them with a mind to put them in your business plan.

As a word of warning, other articles are going to suggest that you somehow quantify a target amount of traffic and sales from your paid sources. Do not bother putting this into your plan until you have been at it a long time, and even then you should consider it a point of interest and not of importance. This is because testing and growing your conversions carefully via paid traffic is the only way you are going to grow your paid traffic conversions without spending a fortune.

Direct URL entry:

Direct URL entry is something to consider if you feel that you can get your website link into the website of other company websites. There are a number of ways of doing it, but one of the most effective ways is to pay for it. Pay to have your website link embedded into the website of another person or business. Try to make your website link a permanent thing as opposed to paying for a limited amount of time. Furthermore, do not forget that it is possible to get links to other websites without paying. For example, you could reciprocally link or have them use one of your online tools with a link underneath.

Getting people to search for your name:

You can hire companies who spread your brand name and possibly a few snippets of information about you. Their goal is to make people curious about your brand name so that they Google it. With any luck (and skill) your website should be at the top of a search for your particular brand name, unless you are either very un-savvy with SEO or are unlucky enough to have a name that is popular for other reasons (such as if you were a potter in a small town called Harry).

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

This is the nasty taste that is currently festering in the mouths of all webmasters. It is possible to do this for free, but as mentioned about social media, you still have to find the time to do it and the time to learn how to do it well. Please follow this link to Increasing Your Social Media Reach. If you are “on the clock” as it were, then your time is going to cost you a lot of money.

There are firms out there who are able to rank your website up through the search engine results. You just have to make sure you hire one that both ranks you up for the most desirable keywords (so that your target audience may find you) and one that does not use Black-Hat SEO (as it means breaking Google’s rules). Here is the link for an effective local SEO strategy.

Affiliate advertising:

When most people think of paid traffic sources they think of affiliate advertising because of something called PPC (pay per click) where the webmaster pays a set amount of money for the visitors that come via affiliate advertising. If you start small then you can work on your adverts and subsequent landing pages so that your adverts draw in your target audience instead of just anybody. If you test your affiliate advertising first then you can build adverts that encourage people to purchase when they hit your website.


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