Let Your Website’s Success Take a Giant Leap with Responsive Web Design

Any “good” website has several barometers to measure its goodness. And more often than not, these barometers end up contradicting each other. While some label a website good if it impresses them with its responsive web design and ambitious colors. There are also those who want their website to be fuss-free and something that advertises their brand in a tone most subtle. And then, there is the third kind – that want their websites to be fast-loading and responsive. Regardless of how filled or how void of colors they are. If they are compatible across major devices and give the user a good time browsing. That’s all that counts for them at the end of the day.

Now, if following rabbit trails is not on your agenda. Let’s say it without equivocation that the folks belonging to the third category are closest to being called right. A website that contains a flurry of colors and several fancy design elements pulling a user’s attention in different directions might seem catchy. But if it is giving the mobile internet users or those with weaker Internet connections a hard time browsing the website. There aren’t many lefts to impress with those visuals.

On the other hand, being simple does not guarantee responsiveness. And the responsive website does not have to be limited to subtle tones and textures. Responsiveness as an attribute is when users are not given a reason to complain.

And this is how responsive website design serves you well:

It’s Cheap:

Before webmasters of the world started paying attention to the responsiveness of their websites. Creating a mobile version was in vogue among those who didn’t want to miss out to their mobile visitors. Creating a desktop version and then putting the development team to task for creating a separate mobile version arguably required more investment and efforts.

But thanks to the responsive web designing phenomena. Webmasters no longer have to shell out those extra bucks to create more than one versions of their website. A responsive website automatically adapts to the varying screen sizes and adjusts the fonts, the widget-sizes, categories, etc. in a manner most effective and reader-friendly. There are also single lines of code that tell your website to identify the screen size and use specific pixels during the loading time.

A Single Edit Can Alter Multiple Displays:

Unlike in the case of multiple versions wherein you need to make the edit in every version separately whenever an alteration is required, the single version will let you make a single edit, and it shows in the different display interfaces across the desktops and mobile devices.

Google Likes Them:

Google likes any website that gives users a good time browsing. And responsive websites take the cake here. When valuable information is passed onto the Internet audience on a platform that is compatible with all the most sought-after platforms, it gives Google an indication that website is being found valuable by the visitors, and this shows in the way it indexes the website for the relevant keywords.

Besides this, the responsive websites also let you add some SEO-specific plugins without having to worry about whether they are affecting your website negatively. The fact that there is no “m.” prefixing the URLs of your website further boosts the SEO.

Site Management Becomes a Breeze:

Clutter is hard to manage. When you have too much going on with your website’s homepage, or for that matter, with the other pages, managing the goodies becomes all the more difficult. On the other hand, when there is not a lot of fuss on the website, it becomes easier for the admin to arrange and bring a sense of structure to each page, and to the way, the website appears to the visitors.

Better Conversion Rate:

The biggest incentive to improving the user experience is boosting the conversion rate of the website. When everything is right there for their consideration, customers are likely to make the purchase instead of just dropping by.

A responsive web design holds great promise for businesses across all realms – whether yours is an eCommerce website or you plan to make money via the Adsense. Get it right and reap the riches.



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