Beginner’s Guide to Writing SEO-friendly Articles

If you are just an amateur in the world of the Internet and blogging. You will ask for a lot of things. It is necessary that you have knowledge of some of the little things that you need to consider. Here are some of the important things that you need to know.

What is SEO?

SEO is a short term for Search Engine Optimization. It can be classified as a technique, strategy, or tactic which helps search engine to rank and find your website in natural search results.

Why SEO-friendly articles?

You have to write SEO-friendly content for two main reasons:

  • So people will visit your website and read your blogs. Having visitors to read your article is essential to know that you have excellent writing and that your content is valuable. This will give you popularity and authority not only to your readers but to the search engine as well.
  • The second is to have more traffic and more prospective clients. When you have SEO-friendly content and search engine recognize you, you will be able to gain more subscribers, sales, or sponsors, Meaning you can make more money.

How to Create SEO-friendly articles?

Writing SEO-friendly articles does not mean that you have to write for a search engine. SEO-friendly content is just an ordinary article but written in a way that search engines will notice. But also keep in mind that you don’t have to sacrifice good writing for SEO with good SEO work  techniques Here are some of the things to consider in writing content for SEO:

  • Relevance and Value Added Content -You must write content that is relevant to your topic or niche. Writing irrelevant content will not help you get rank because you cannot fool search engines. They have ways to recognize if you are fooling around. You must always consider giving informative and useful details to your readers.
  • Keyword Usage  -It is best to put your keywords in the title and at the first sentence of your article. Why? Because this will make your keywords densest. And this way, search engines can easily identify your focus topic.
  • List Instead of Paragraphs -Use of lists is better than writing paragraphs if you want to have an SEO-friendly content because it will lessen repetition.
  • Links to be Part of the Content -You should also consider having your links to be a part of your article. Make sure to have links to your keyword focus and not on other unrelated words like ‘click here’.
  • Proofreading is Essential -Never forget to proofread your content. Aside from it is part of the writing process, it will also help you create a more professional article. You have a good keyword, but it will not make sense if your spelling is not correct. Spelling and grammar are very important to the readers and you can also find SEO marketing

Crawlable Structures:

  • Title -Make sure to create a concise and accurate title because it is the first thing the spider analyzes. Aside from including your keyword in your title, it is also best not to exceed over 70 characters including spaces.
  • Headings -You should always have to head for your article. And it is recommended to use H2 in headings since they are valuable content. This is the second place the algorithm analyzes.
  • Body -Of course, the most important thing is your content. So, make sure to have a quality body of your blog. It is recommended to include the keyword three times. It is also best if you will include good photos, videos, and links that can lead to more useful information about your topic. Your content is your best weapon to be on top of search results.
  • URL -Include your keyword in your URL and make sure to keep it short. If you have a long URL, the search engines might think that it is a spam.

These are the things to recognize if you wanted your content to be acknowledged by the search engines. This simple guide will help you create the articles that you will need for your website.







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