Web Development Trends to Watch for in 2019

Here we take a look at a few of today’s most apparent web development trends, some of which are showcasing continuous growth whilst others are set to transpire in the year 2019. In order for your business to harvest the benefits of those trends it should primarily make sure to grasp technology in the following ways:

Responsive Web Design:

Over the past few years, responsive web design has set high standards for web design in general, particularly when concerning WordPress themes. Although a few arguments over implementation still exist, instead of removing responsive websites from the equation, more and more web developers are choosing to embrace them. In 2014 responsive web design went from strength to strength, 2015 is set to continue this trend.


typographic design

In the past, sites relying heavily on typographic design have often required much bigger budgets. Thankfully, this is slowly but surely changing as type kits become more affordable in 2015. This means more freedom for web designers working with slighter budgets – allowing web developer’s to create type-centric designs at the fraction of the usual costs.

Ghost Buttons:

They are not only stylish in a minimalistic manner; they are a joy to use. It also pairs extremely well with both large background images and videos. This subtle hover animation tool was popular in 2014 and is set to continue its growth well into 2015.

Background Imagery:

A surefire way to make any site stand out from the crowd is to employ a series of eye-catching background images and videos. Projecting great content through the use of powerful and elegant images is a trend that is still going strong today – especially when these images are used as part of a larger design idea.

Scrolling over Clicking:

As mobile web trends continue to excel, more and more web developers are choosing to create websites that offer a more enjoyable and effective mobile experience. This is one of the reasons scrolling is set to overshadow clicking in 2015. Asides from cutting down on load times. It is a great deal more intuitive and allows the user to experience a more dynamic interaction with the website.

Card Design:

Many will already be familiar with ‘card design’, especially web developers who work on responsive websites. This particular trend (although not particularly new) is set to soar in 2015. Cards act as the perfect tool when it comes to keeping things organized. They enable web developers to rearrange columns in a modular fashion. Whilst allowing users to view more in a shorter space of time and browse more general data on a whole. All in all, they’re simple, effective and extremely versatile. Which is why we can expect more of these trends to emerge in 2015.

The rise of Material Design:

In the last year, flat design has received a great deal of appraisal, and just as we have moved into a new year. So has this tech-savvy web developer’s tool. With staying power that suggests flat design will become even more popular in 2015, this is one trend to watch. It is also a trend that is ‘growing up’ into something that is being dubbed ‘material design’. Material Design is something that has only recently been exposed by Google and is in a sense. Flat design that uses layering, extremely subtle gradients, and animations. To preserve a sense of the palpable world. Whilst still boasting all of the benefits of the original flat design mechanism.

Of all the trends to emerge in 2015, these are just a few of the ones to watch out for. Of course, quite simply reading about these design concepts alone can make it hard to imagine them. Working together in the ‘real web world’, which is why we suggest you give them all a go yourself!


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