What Are Keywords?

So you have decided to start your website. This has probably been a though in the back of your mind for quite some time. Way to go! Now, you are scrounging for information online and need something to get you started. You already know that one of the most beneficial things you can do is learn how to use keywords.

You know that your website needs traffic, and your readers need to have their credit cards handy to purchase products from your affiliates and products that you create yourself. So how do you draw in the people who have their credit card just sitting on their desk, waiting to buy something? You have to get their attention. How do you do this? Keywords! and here is the most popular SEO myth 

What Keywords Really Are:

When you type your question into a search engine, the response you receive is based on the keywords of each website. The more keywords a website has that are related to the words used in your question, the more likely it is that you will receive that website in your search results.

Where Keywords should be Located:

Keywords should be the concept that an article or is centered around. For example, if you plan to gain attention based on a coffeepot review, the review should contain the brand name of the coffee pot, and it should contain the word coffeepot. If your review is based on a Mr. Coffee coffeepot, one of your keywords will be Mr. Coffee model xyz, and a second one will be coffeepot review. When someone looks up the term “Mr. Coffee xyz coffeepot review” you have met the qualifications to land in their lap. Was the review positive? Offer the product on the post through one of your affiliates. Was the product not worth the money you spent? Offer brands to your readers that are of better quality and that you recommend.

Chances are, if someone is looking for a review on a specific coffeepot, they are looking to purchase one.  Here is your reader that has their credit card ready and is looking to purchase something and if you can provide it at a lower cost, and a more convenient delivery time than their local merchant, you have landed a sale and made money!

The Purpose of Keywords:

The purpose of optimizing your website with keywords is to draw in the customers that are looking to provide what you have to offer. Partnering with various affiliates and online merchants allows you to convert your keywords into sales. The more you learn about your niche, the better you can align your keywords with what your readers are looking for. Keeping your website consistent and providing quality content and spot on keywords can dramatically increase your SEO points with Google and other search engines.

Many website platforms offer SEO experts tools to determine how searchable your content and keywords are. Make sure to take advantage of these. If your website platform doesn’t offer these tools, use  better optimize your website’s keywords and explain  the differnce of SEO vs content optimization





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