WordPress 4.1 Dinah- What all to expect?

With WordPress being considered as one of the leading Content Management Systems(CMSs) used across the globe, it’s hard to imagine a downfall in its popularity and demand in the coming years. Thanks to the incredible efforts put in by the wide community of WordPress designers and developers, it has become feasible to build absolutely stunning websites and blogs. With every new version of WordPress, you can expect a range of features that can allow you to deliver something bigger and better for your clients. Stay on this blog as I’ll be rounding up a list of WordPress 4.1 Dinah’s power-packed features you’ll find truly useful.

Feature#1- The all-new Twenty Fifteen Theme

With the release of WordPress 4.1 Dinah, you’ll see the introduction of a new default theme called Twenty Fifteen. Designed using Google’s Noto web font, this WordPress theme includes over 30 unique scripts which make it a perfect fit for WordPress fans who want to create blogs and websites for an international audience. As a clean, blog-focused WordPress theme, Twenty Fifteen allows your content to get highlighted when viewed on a smartphone, laptop, desktop, smart tablet etc. The amazingly flawless language support available with Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme allows you to cater your website/blog to a wider group of audience. The straightforward typography of this WordPress theme plays a vital role in enhancing the content readability for a variety of screen sizes.

Feature#2-Flexibility to choose from over 40 languages during installation

Having gathered the flexibility of choosing your preferred language during installation in the WordPress version 4.0, the all-new WordPress version 4.1, also called Dinah has been translated for about 40 languages with the count likely to increase in the future. You can easily change the language for your WordPress website/blog using the Settings-> Site Language option.

Feature#3- Image Alignment Toolbar

WordPress 4.1 comes equipped with a brand new image alignment toolbar that will definitely be embraced wholeheartedly by global WordPress users. Irrespective of whether you’re an experienced WordPress developer or an amateur; working with images will become even more hassle-free with the help of this image alignment toolbar.

Feature#4- A refined Distraction-free Writing mode

Serving as an incredible publishing platform, WordPress has always been impressing bloggers via its out-of-the-box features and functions. The 4.1 ‘Dinah’ version of WordPress has a refined distraction-free writing functionality that allows you(here, I’m referring to a blogger) to focus on writing content for your website, without getting distracted by a range of dashboard elements.

Feature#5- Recommended Plugins

Unlike the version 4.0 and other versions of WordPress which just offered you insights on the downloads, ratings and last updated status of titled plugins, the recently released WordPress version 4.1 comes with a filter for ‘Recommended Plugins’ which displays a list of plugins that would serve as the best fit for your WordPress blog/website. This plugin list is being generated on the basis of websites which have similar plugins like the ones installed on your site/blog.

Feature#6- Vine Embeds

With social media marketing becoming one of the topmost topics of discussion, you can’t afford to miss the social media integration for your WordPress website/blog. We are fortunate enough to have an easy access to WordPress 4.1 which allows you to embed videos with the use of their respective URLs.

Feature#7- Flexibility to log out from anywhere

In WordPress 4.1, if you view the profile settings, you’ll find an option that would allow you to log out of all the sessions at any time. This feature serves as a great sigh of relief under a situation where you might have left a session open on a different device, you’ve been working on previously.

Feature#8- Amazing improvements to the Customizer API

The Customizer incorporated within WordPress 4.1 version is rich in models dedicated to controls, settings, collections, watchable-values and a range of asynchronous callbacks.

Wrapping it all up

The aforementioned features introduced in WordPress 4.1 truly appear as welcome changes for designers and developers. If you’ve been awaiting a WordPress version that comprises of high-end utilities then choosing the 4.1 version is what you can go ahead with, eliminating any chances for giving a second thought. Being an avid WordPress fan, I myself recommend you to upgrade to version 4.1 for availing features that can truly enhance your WordPress blogging experience.

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