What really matters in Search Engine Optimization CONTENT? 

Search engine optimization popularly known as SEO in short, is basically a technique which affects the “visibility” of a phrase or name on the internet. It is basically the response you receive when you search for a web page on any non-paid internet platform

. It is basically the number of times the name of your or maybe name of a particular website or business pops up while an individual is searching certain keywords or phrases online. SEO is a very important tool as it helps to gather more traffic towards a particular content, which can even lead to conversion of mere viewers to potential customers. It is however prohibited as per Google guidelines, to use any abusive content, malicious link, or banned Search Engine Optimization techniques which do not add any kind of value to the purpose or the actual aim, but still somehow help to gather more traffic.

A high quality of content, something that is well composed can help one gather more traffic, even without the use of those banned shortcuts. A standard formula one could follow is as follows-

Keyword research + good writing + on-page SEO = high-quality content

it’s very crucial that the piece that is being uploaded on the net is well written, with easy to understand usage of words, and not at all copied or plagiarized, as this might lead to copyright issues eventually. Once you are sure that the piece is well composed, and then you can head over to another important step. So ensuring a good content is not enough to fetch you more traffic from Search Engine Optimization Website, and getting the response as per your wish. To achieve that level of exposure, you will have to combine a well written write up with what is essentially known as the keyword search. Research on those particular used keywords thoroughly, probably even before getting started with your content


That will actually help you improve the efficiency of the responses. The keywords should be easy, popularly used and obvious. Many companies might prefer getting the content Marketing, but it is important that the list of such keywords which help increase smoothness while searching is given to the person prior to the task.  Search Engine Optimization is a technique that will help you indentify if that concerned person actually understood the importance of using such keywords in the piece, and whether they have used the phrases in abundance or not.

However important key words may be, there is obviously more to improving the viewership of a particular content. Always remember that the most unique aspect of setting up your business online is that it helps you to communicate with your customers who are out there belonging to different parts of the worlds. Along with this also comes the responsibility of attracting new customer base, so behavior should be according to it. So if you think that using a fool- proof grammar combined with high English will help you attract “more”, you are clearly wrong. Use popular phrases and links and then only with viewers get converted to potential and actual customers.

Now there are few other factors which are beyond the “content” box, but are equally if not more, important to boost your online business. The list is as follows:

  • Efficient organizing skills- you should not just type out the next idea that comes to your mind. But, develop it; give it a proper structure, research on the idea, and only then should you pop it on your website. Also, a conversational tone seems to vibe better with the readers, so keep it in mind. Organizing the content into parts and sub parts, maybe even adding a few related pictures or videos, and ensuring an interesting build up will keep your readers on the edge of the seat for your next post.
  • Branding- Search Engine Optimization and a good content need to be combined with a splendid SEO marketing strategy. Branding is talked about by very few people, but it is one of the most important parts of building traffic. Ensure that the content is focused on the brand, and stay loyal to the bigger picture: the main aim of the business or the company. This establishes a sense of goodwill among the readers. Building dependency on the brand from the customer’s point of view is all that matters!
  • Authenticity is the key- your content should be out of the box, and 100% authentic, else why would even the readers go ahead and trust your company at the first place? Integrity is probably the only factor that can actually influence your customers. No amount of links or hidden content will actually convince a person to buy your product.
  • Target the correct audience- does not develop content as per the product, but focus on creating content according to the needs of your potential customers. Engage with the readers; don’t merely throw up random stuff. Make them believe that the product is perfect for their needs, just the thing they need. Use language that highlights the main features and advantages of the product, and try to keep the write up as fresh as possible.
  • Don’t bore me, please- planning to write a long Search Engine Optimization Content with everything you know about the product? Yes, a very bad idea. Try different things, keep the matter engaging. Uses short and crisp write ups which assess the topic to- the- point. Even if there are no way you can cut it out short, divide them into sub points, and add attractive and quirky headings.
  • Analyze- analyze the quality of your content as compared to that of your competitors. ; let the emerging cut-throat competition get the best out of you. A fresh and stylishly written matter will never fail to impress its audience. Also notice the time interval within each post. Adding regularly to your website will encourage more and more people to follow your site.
  • Role of data- do not ignore the Search Engine Optimization data. The data will present to you a realistic picture as to whether people are even appreciating the posts and write- ups. If they are not, then harness ways to change it into a positive outcome. Try everything and anything, but do not let those customers get away to the competitors.

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