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React JS is basically a strong, easy to use and comprehensive tool to create user interfaces for the mass. Now for the technological geek's things may appear to be little weird that whats the facts make's it so appealing and appreciable by the crowd. Well, the answer to this question is simple:" making  code or UI component's reusable and easy to be extravagated is the arena where the react JS excels and makes its way to the real competition". 

Now, a question arises is it worthy and credible enough to incur oneself to learn this code?

The answer to this question may be clear by a simple projection of facts:

Suppose, I am building the UI infrastructure for a real-time chat or say a social networking site like saying Facebook and Instagram may need to have a requirement to render real-time and fast updating of the UI components. This may be highly challenging if we go for simple angularJS or HTML5. But things get on the way when we get into React JS.


  1. Flexibility in operation makes it highly recommendable for data abstraction and personalized development of UI production and creative implementation of views.

2.Ability to create innovative and creative templates without using the traditional javascript templates and using the codes redundantly without fail.

  1. Baking an understanding of markup and content into JavaScript, there’s no need of manual string concatenation and constant development of high-end user content.

Well, it's not the there much more to come:

With react, website UI gets a whole new oriented look and interactive user experience that makes it a great choice to go for.

Start from Facebook and go the sweetest of web services React JS

is making things work wonder by giving them a whole new dynamic looks i.e bouquet wishlist, mesmerizing to do's and many more.

Last thing,

should it be taken as mainstream development.

My answer to it is a big yes because of developer agility techniques and easy to service rendering capabilities. This is surely something to be seen as the future of UI development.

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