5 SEO Trends That You Can’t Miss!

From time to time, Google keeps on bringing new SEO updates. This often make us think one common question “Is SEO dead?”. In simple words, once Google make some changes to the SEO practices that we have been following, we have to evaluate whether what worked in the past will work in the future or not.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a businessman you need to have a strong online presence to extend your business growth and connect with your target customers. And SEO is the best bet for online marketers and businesses when it comes to expanding their reach to a wider customer base. However, with incessantly changing SEO landscape you need to ponder about successful SEO strategies and some SEO tools to boost your business growth.

Here’s a list of 5 SEO trends that will most likely ensure your SEO success in 2014:

1. Content Marketing Moving Towards Maturity:

Content marketing is all about providing your audience with information so as to keep them engaged. Almost every website owner today realizes the importance of content marketing and understands how adding meaningful and relevant content to their site can help them propel potential traffic to their site. Content marketing was the most talked about SEO on page trends of 2013 and is here to stay. Besides, the Hummingbird update last year has forced online marketers to think about creating and publishing content in a more serious manner – which is making content marketing move towards a maturity level.

Let’s have a closer look at few content marketing strategies:

  • In order to earn backlinks content freshness will matter more, and will require constant update of content at regular intervals.
  • Writing “in-depth” articles has become “the need of the hour”.

2. The Rise of the Need for Mobile Optimization:

Mobile optimization is no more a matter of the past! It’s not optional! The release of Google’s Hummingbird update has bound the websites to develop some mobile strategies or else it is going to be quite harder for them to rank higher on the search engine page results (SERPs). Besides, making responsive themed websites that can be accessible on all mobile devices will act as the surefire way to connect to more people.

3. Need for Building Authority:

Building Authority over your blog posts or via social media sites is becoming mandatory as part of your SEO strategy. Moreover, building authority with help of content ensures building a loyal base of customers and earning more potential links and referrals, which will further help to add credibility and augment your reach. Besides, Google now relies more on social shares and feedbacks provided by people.

4. Adopting Mobile Technology:

According to a survey around 17.4 percent of web traffic globally is derived from mobile alone. That’s because, increasing number of people are accessing the web via their handy phones than conventional desktop or computer systems. Which has resulted in rising in the demand for mobile-optimized content.

What’s more, Google shows local results to organic searches that are carried out on mobile devices. So, businesses need to think seriously about adopting mobile strategies, and its’ no longer an option, but more of a requisite.

Acquiring higher ranking on search engine will mainly depend on whether your site is accessible on desktop, mobile, and tablet or not.

5. Content, Links and Social Media – The Relation!

Finally, the best SEO strategy will be a concoction of content, links and social media and relationship between the three. While you need to include content focused towards meeting your target audience requirements, social media and social sharing will boost your reach and will help people find your content in a more easy way. Links on the other hand, will emphasize you as a brand and will help define you as a trustworthy source for getting services. So, this is a cycle that you need to follow to drive SEO success.

In case you want to develop yourself as an SEO company. It is recommended that you must follow the above-mentioned SEO trends for the year 2014. This will require you to write fresh and lengthy content; to make your site mobile optimized; gaining authority over your posts; to obtaining mobile technology and so on.





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