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MEAN is a javascript based software. MEAN is used to build web applications. The name was coined by Valeri Karpov. It is an acronym for Mongo DB, Express, Angular(6) and Node.js. Companies using MEAN are Google, Netflix, Uber, PayPal, LinkedIn, etc.

Why MEAN stack?

It is tough to learn stack development. Mean stack is comparatively easier to learn mainly because it runs entirely on JAVA script. Most of the startups these days prefer JAVA script. It is used for mobile app development and Real-time, multi-user interactivity. Using Mean is very simple. It is quicker than other scripts of its kind. As it is based only on  JAVA, it has a very wide range of applications. In addition to large companies, small companies and start-ups use Node.js is used to build robust products. Products made with node.js can handle high traffic. Node.js is the most highly used framework in the world.

Skills required:

Prerequisites before using Mean to develop

  1. git - used for source code management in software development, can also be used for keeping track of any changes in files. It comes pre-installed in Linux and OSX machines.
  2. js - it is a cross-platform javascript runtime environment used to run code outside the browser.
  3. npm - it is the default package manager for the js runtime environment.
  4. Mongodb - it is a cross-platform document orientation program classified as NoSQL database program.
  5. bower - is a package manager for front-end development libraries. It reduces the network load during development.
  6. js - is a toolkit for automating time-consuming tasks in web development.


What is angular?

 Angular is a platform that makes application building easier on the web. It is the binding part between the HTML and JavaScript in the web design process.

What is express?

Express is the web application framework for node.js. It is open-source and free software that is minimalistic but yet has many features as plug-ins.



MEAN is the most widely used Java-based development platform used for web development by most of the companies in the world because of its ease of use, ability to build robust products and real-time multiuser interaction on mobile platforms. MEAN also outperforms a lot of other programming languages like python, ruby, etc. in terms of development cost and development flexibility because of a single programming language, the language being Java the most widely used programming language in the world makes it easier for companies to hire programmers easily. Most companies in the world use node.js even if not MEAN stack for web development thus making it the most widely used software for development of a simple multitasking page or a set of complex web pages like a social networking apps.

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