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Why the Node.js makes JavaScript only better

The Node.js is an open source runtime system that was invented in 2009 by Ryan Dahl. It is used to create mobile and web applications and it runs on several operating systems like Windows, Linux and UNIX. As it supported only Linux and Mac OS X on its initial release, Node.js has developed in the sense that it can run across several platforms, which makes it a cross-platform runtime environment.

But it is not the only scripting language used to create web pages. Like Node.js, PHP is a server-side scripting language that is used widely for backend development. A server-side scripting language does not run scripts on the client’s computer. Instead, it runs scripts on the server that hosts the website being developed. Unlike PHP, JavaScript could not be used for backend development at all. It operated only on the client’s side while another language needed to operate on the server side. This placed JavaScript at a disadvantage. However, with the release of Node.js, JavaScript can be used as a server-side technology as well.

Although one may argue that PHP is still widely popular to be taken off use, it is a fact that the Node.js works more efficiently and beats other scripting languages developed for the backend. When handling a request, the PHP sends the task to the file system of the computer and waits until the system has opened and read the file. After the file system has opened and processed the file, only then does the PHP return the content requested back to the client and is then ready to take in a new request. The Node.js simply does not wait for the first request to be completed before taking on another request. It can work on several requests simultaneously, thus making web application and development faster, easier, and limiting human prompts that could cause errors. This aspect of the Node.js is called “non-blocking I/O”.

LinkedIn is one of the most significant examples of JavaScript’s recent success. The company experienced a considerable level of improvement in its backend development when it moved from ROR to Node.js. It was reported that the company moved from 30 servers to just 3.

Let’s go back to what we understood about PHP. It basically executes more requests only after one request has been successfully executed. This means that developers take a lot of time and effort to work on the backend because they need to wait until each and every request is complete. This is the problem with most scripting languages used at the backend, resulting in very poor performance and efficiency. The Node.js has been designed specifically to fix this problem by bringing in event-driven programming to web servers. So, the Node.js executes requests side by side and it uses call-backs to show if a task has been completed or not. This makes it pretty fast and explains why in 2017 alone, there were 3 billion npm package downloads in a week. Node package manager can be used by one to download packages to help develop applications faster.

In terms of actions, Node.js can do a lot of tasks. It can collect data that is written in forms, and modify them. It can create files on the server and open, close, read, write and even delete files on the server. The only thing developers and coding enthusiasts need to do is to initiate Node.js files on the server for it to have any effect. All the files run on the extension “.js”.

Websites created with JavaScript have every bit of opportunity to be dynamic now, and with the announcement of the Node.js Application Showcase, the Node.js Foundation is offering a platform for developers to showcase their created applications. Not only does this give the developers an opportunity to show their skills, it also helps the Node.js Foundation demonstrate why Node.js is the better alternative. With 25 million downloads by users in 2017 alone, Node.js is growing to become a promising runtime system in today’s fast-paced efficiency driven world.

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