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YII framework is an open source yet powerful, high performance, user-friendly framework written in PHP. It was started in China. The meaning for the Chinese word YII is simple. And YII is an acronym as Yes It Is. It is used for developing Web applications speedily. The first version of YII was released on 2-12-2018.


YII development implements an architectural pattern which is called Modern View Controller. The organizational codes based on the pattern is promoted. YII makes the code is very simple but an elegant and makes sure it doesn't overdesign. YII has a lot of additional features. Most of the features are ready to use. Query builders are also available in this framework. It has a very simple and easy to understand user interface. This framework is very customizable. It is easy to replace every piece of the core’s code. YII is not just made up of one man’s code. It is has a strong development team. The core framework is being updated regularly based on relevant practices and technologies. It is also highly extensible. It simplifies security. It comes with a security application component and has several methods of creating secure applications.  Since it is open-source it has large communities that contribute to the development.


There are 2 major versions. They are 1.1 and 2.0 of which, 1.1 is for the old version and 2.0 is the latest generation. 2.0 has a lot of new components incorporated into it. It is basically the complete rewrite of the previous version. It has all the latest protocols and technology. For a 2.0 version of YII, the minimum requirement is PHP 5.4.0. It runs better on PHP version 7.


To use YII application properly, one must know Object Oriented Programming (OOP) at least up to a basic level. If you are going to make a more complicated application, you will have to know more OOPs concepts.


The applications in this framework are globally accessible. They have the following entities:

  1. Entry scripts: They are responsible for starting a request handling
  2. Applications: they are globally available components that manage and handle applets to fulfil
  3. Modules: They contain the complete MVC packages by themselves. An application can be made up of a large number of modules.
  4. Filters: This code is invoked each time pre-handling and post-handling of every request by the controller.
  5. Widgets: They are objects that allow a user to perform certain functions, they contain controller logic and can be reused.



Yii is an open source program based in PHP is used for all kinds of big web development projects for creating portals, and web pages in an easy to use, user-friendly, but powerful framework. Since it is being constantly incorporating new features and technology by the developers, users find it exciting and appealing. They also curiously keep waiting for a new feature which will make their coding easier. This is one of the best PHP frameworks for web development.

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