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Introduction to Progressive web apps or PWAs Development

Progressive web applications are those web pages or websites which provide the looks and performance of native applications like push notifications or offline working but work just like normal web pages. The use of native applications was found to give better performance and smoother loading because of direct access to hardware components. But, with the modern advancements in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Progressive web applications provide faster delivery times with native app like functionalities with no app stores or downloads. They are available completely on the internet.


  • They are very reliable and work offline and even with very bad network conditions.
  • They are very fast with smooth interactions and runs on a desktop or mobile or anywhere with a browser.
  • They provide a very immersive and interactive experience like native applications with the whole interface being online, discoverable with just a web search.
  • It is also very advantageous than Native applications due to storage space requirement of not even a fraction of the native mobile application from the app store.
  • The web pages reload the latest content instantly and the content is thus always up to date.


A lot of big brands are jumping into the use of progressive web apps for improving their user experience and keeping the applications lightning fast. A few of the big companies that rushed into using PWA are starbucks, Pinterest, Uber, Lyft, Twitter. The use of progressive web apps service workers is what makes all these possible.

A service worker is like a proxy that runs in the background independent of the application and runs in response to a network request. It gives the user to fully control the native app features and run the application offline or with limited network conditions.

Why use PWAs development over hybrid mobile apps and Native apps development?

The most important advantage of using PWA is that it can be used in any screen. This means that you can use it on laptop, tablets or mobile phones or anything with a web browser in it. It is very adaptable and hence has a very good user interface due to the use of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

An issue we have with any web application is the security. The apps developed as a PWA is always served only under HTTPS. This makes sure the web application has very good security and there is enough user privacy. The major marketing strategy for any web application is social media.

It will be great if you can share your contents on social media platforms. This is made very quick and easy with the use of PWA. You can share the required content with any of the apps that are share enabled. These applications are very useful because they work even when the network connection is very slow.

You can add all PWA applications on your home screen, hence, making it easily accessible. It is very easy to find just by doing a search online. You can just click on the URL that has been shared to you or as it has very good user experience, it is always on top of the search engines and is easy to find.

The best way to make someone notice you is by grabbing their attention. This is very easy with the use of PWA. It sends push notifications and increases the number of users directed to the application. Compared to other web applications, applications created with PWA are very easy to use.

The additional point is that they load very fast even if you have a very bad network. This feature makes it more reliable. There are a lot of very good features. Just adding the PWA function to your website will enhance the speed and performance of the web application. You can keep adding features to the webpage when you need additions.

PWA provides very reliable loading speeds and features with very limited data consumption and also works offline like a Native app. The other main advantage of choosing PWA over native apps is that it does not occupy much space when compared to native applications but has all the interactive and immersive features with lightning fast loading speeds.

When compared to hybrid mobile apps paired with Cordova to access native operating system features, the use of the application offline or high loading speeds and performance of Progressive web apps makes it very far from comparable. All these are made possible by using service workers. They act like a proxy in the background pushing various features to work offline. They are very flexible and thus hard to understand but pretty much take care of making the offline features of PWA work.

Use of PWA for Business

  • It provides higher conversion rates by providing a better user experience and performance.
  • It lets the users connect in a better way to the business, without spending much data or wasting time in loading pages thus increasing the likeliness of conversion.
  • Since the apps are more discoverable because of conversion to PWA it increases the traffic diverted to the page thus more potential users.
  • Being cross-platform it can be used basically on any device like a PC or Desktop or mobile or any other device with a browser in it.

These reasons make it more advantageous not only for big companies but also small companies and medium-sized business have started to adopt Progressive web applications instead of mobile apps or web pages for their needs.

Why is it necessary to take PWA Development Services by PWA Developers for application development?

PWA's are the upcoming standards for application development. While being very reliable and faster development time, the use of Progressive web apps has made significant differences to many big companies like Tinder, Pinterest, Flipkart, Twitter, etc which have gained lot of user activity and increased user screen time due to the faster loading and less load on network usage and are packed with all the features of native mobile apps.

If you have not tried progressive web apps yet, give them a try and see the difference in the performance yourself and be amazed.

Why choose CoreApps Tech for Progressive Web Apps Development Services?

We, at CoreApps Tech offer you highly unique web application development services. We've highly experienced & professional team of PWA development aka Progressive Web App development. Looking towards the experience of CoreAppsTech for working in development field, we've worked for more than 10000 clients till the date on various types of web and mobile app development. Highly secured development, technology friendly, easy to use  and new features implemented on all those projects.

Why we use latest technology trends in web and mobile application development? Because, we believe in the development of simple and easy framework. It always helps to make it in a easy way while testing for the application in prospect of the client's side. For making it more simpler, we use client side model view controller (mvc) architecture. We've the team of skilled progressive web app developers along with their years of research and experience. That's why they're called professional developers of PWAs development. And, It provides you the best featured responsive web applications for complex requirement of your business need with great satisfaction, while we use CoreAppsTech progressive web app development services.

Hire PWA Developers for Progressive Web App Development Services

Our PWA developer team is highly motivated to use of scalable web solutions along with extensive features in PWA services. Whether, they are working in USA or, UK or, India Or, Germany Or, any country worldwide. Progressive web application development have the features like two way data building, html template, dependency injection, directives and testing. Which is the best & necessary for you desired featured web applications to grow your business exponentially.

If you look to google for Best Progressive web apps development company, then you'll find CoreApps Tech on upper high level. No other company can provide the PWA developers services, like we're introducing to our clients like building a dynamic and best featured web/mobile applications on latest technology & framework including PWA development services.

As per above details, we always believe in working for most updated technologies and introduce with the best web/mobile app development services to each and every client. Doesn't matter; who they are? An established one Or, A Startup Business Or, An emerging company on a big scale. Overall, we're too much passionate to build your desired featured web/mobile apps with our mobile app development services.

Till now we are having more than 10000 national and international happy clients, among them more than 2000 are referral clients. If you also want a smart and technological friendly web/ mobile/Iphone/ android app for to boost your business, we would love to develop your perfect web application.

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