Quality Web Graphics: Are You Putting Your Best “Foot” Forward?

Your website is an extension of your business. It’s the digital representation of your brand and should be treated as such. Too often businesses will create a one or two-page website, and hastily put together stock images and generic about us information. To help the process of website creation, website design and quality web graphics, put yourselves in your customer’s shoes, and ask, what would I have to see to trust and give my money to this business, versus the competition?

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Would you Trust this Business?

Trust is a critical component to any transaction. People can’t have genuine conversations unless they both assume the other is telling the truth. If you don’t have trust, at least partial trust, everything else is nearly impossible to overcome and you will never get someone to fill out your contact form, or pick up the phone to call you. If your graphics or website is sub-par the potential lead is going to get scared, not trust your website, and bounce (leave your website) after just one-page view.

Does this Website Represent Excellence?

Appearances matter. That’s why Rolls Royce, Versace, and Tiffany’s Jewelry are still in business. If you want your business to operate at a high level, you have to walk the walk. If you met with a real estate attorney in a dimly lit basement of his parent’s home, you would have reservations about handing over control to someone that didn’t represent excellence. Your website needs to have sharp, crisp imagery that conveys power and authority in your area of expertise. As web design technology increases, graphics, html5, mobile, javascript, responsive design all become tools in the hands of a skilled web coding craftsman to turn your website into a storefront that not only fosters trust but admiration and respect from clients and competitors alike.

Responsive Web Design: Compatible with Desktop, Mobile, Ipad:

Mobile devices revolutionized the way people interact with one another. They are now re-revolutionizing how we interact with the internet. Nearly everyone carries their cell-phones 24 hours a day. This means potential leads are going to find you on devices outside your Desktop, such as tablets and mobile phones. If your website graphics and coding are not created to properly handle all website traffic, you could be missing out on a large chunk of business to competitor’s; some industries more so than others as people turn to mobile to resolved problems immediately such as leaking faucets, automobile trouble, and just about any impulse service buy.

A clear path of least resistance:

Is it easy to understand where to go on your website? Some websites are extremely cluttered. Unless you are running a gossip or news website, chances are you want clear choices for your customers. Also, be sure to have your phone number and contact forms front and center. No one likes to jump through hoops dealing with automated phone call answers; sometimes they want to speak or contact immediately. Your website needs to be trustworthy, respectable, responsive, and easy to navigate. When all cylinders are firing you have a lead generation machine, and not simply just a “website”.



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