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Mobile App Development Introduction - How Mobile App Development methods can be beneficial?

A mobile application is an application that is developed to run on small screens like a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet. It is made with considerations and demands to make the app work on the mobile platforms. These can be pre-installed or can be delivered through the app store. While developing a mobile application, one important thing to keep in mind is that the app must run on a number of screen sizes and configurations. Also, it should run on Android and iOS. The main point in developing a mobile app is the User Interface. The user interface is what makes the app on the phone user-friendly. The main aim for any mobile app developer must be to make a friendly and understandable user interface.

Advantages of the making Mobile app by Development Services

Making a mobile application does have a lot of advantages. Mobile is handier than a laptop. Developing a mobile application makes the app have more users. These apps usually have a very good user interface hence, making them better and more efficient. The mobile app has many features that cannot be given by a network application. It uses the native mobile functions like Camera, GPS, microphone, etc.

With the smartphone market developing very fast, there are more chances that the app keeps improving and gives a better performance. You can start generating revenue from your mobile app with mobile ads where a non-competitor can pay to display an advertisement on your app. By developing a mobile app, you get recognized faster than a web application. It is also very easy to link social media to your app. By using this facility, the customer or the user can post directly on social media about the app. Before linking your app with social media, it goes through a number of rounds of testing to see if the app functions well and is highly secure.

Hence, it is very safe to use for your customers. Mobile app development can make your company better and well known among people. There are also various ways to create mobile apps based on the requirements. A simple or complex app for single platform use can be made using JavaScript for Android and Objective C or Swift for IOS. In case the requirement is for multiple platforms then the use of web applications or hybrid app development for satisfying needs is a better solution.

Why choose CoreApps Tech, A Mobile apps company for Application Development?

CoreApps Tech has a very experienced and talented group of professionals working on mobile app development. They have been making high standard and distinctive apps with a very easy to use user interface. They provide cross-platform app development & cross platform mobile development too. They make sure their clients are fully satisfied with the mobile apps they develop. They offer very good services and there are also a lot of benefits. They keep checking for any updates in technology and use it to make the best mobile application which serves the purpose.

Mobile apps developed by them gives an enhanced end-user experience. They make apps for various fields and technologies. Their team of experts can provide the development of a mobile app in all software development platforms and choose one that can satisfy the client's need. Their expertise in all platforms regarding mobile apps development is what makes them one of the best at mobile development. They have dedicated application developers handling different projects and finish the development with ease within the stipulated time to make delivery and launch on time. They provide an express development environment and using strategic coding to make the application show the best performance with low development cost. They are very well versed in Ionic which is currently the best software development platform for mobile app development. React native is also one of the other platforms they are fluent with. Not just for hybrid app development they also develop native mobile apps for both iOS and Android with quality and speed.

Mobile App Development Services offered by CoreAppsTech

CoreAppsTech offers various solutions. The main reason that you should choose Coreapps Tech is their dedication and experience in the field. They can make a perfect app for jobs applications. It starts from applying for the job, sorting the list and works till getting an interview. It also makes apps for online learning. You can just search for the course you want and learn it online using the app developed. They also include developing enterprise mobility apps through which, employees can do their jobs sitting anywhere just using their mobile phone or their tablet. They make apps to build a perfect IOT environment. They make apps for online business and shopping. They make your job mobile and much easier. They make apps for hospitals to manage patients and help on hospital management. They blend with the latest technology. They also make augmented reality and virtual reality mobile apps.

They don’t stop with one or two industries. They make apps for any industry and client. They have a very successful team for the same. They make mobile applications for educations, industries, sports, business, and real estate. They can make very attractive and user-friendly game apps and social networking apps. They are also well versed in making apps relating to travel and tourism. In general, they make sure their clients are 100% satisfied with the app they get.

Looking for Top Mobile App Development Company, CoreApps Tech is the Best Option for you!

CoreAppsTech is counted among the highest mobile app development company. CoreAppsTech tend to produce outstanding mobile apps to permit our users to precisely decipher the ideations of innovation so as to create their enterprises really distinctive. Expertise a dignified quality within the custom mobile app development and grapple an seamless and strong quality scheme with extremely interactive displays and reaffirmed quality.

As a number one mobile apps development company, we tend to continuously draw a bead on to graph profitable trends for startups to hundred corporations that aim to attain AN unequalled level of success with no substitute. Mobile application Development team at positional notation build scalable and interesting mobile apps as per your business necessities that square measure extremely refined and very practical.

Hire Mobile App Developer in Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Atlanta, USA, India & more

If you want to hire mobile app developer for development services in nearby your areas! And, you live in Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York (NYC), Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Miami, San Antonio, San Diego, Austin, Singapore, Dubai, USA, Malaysia, India & any similar zones. CoreAppsTech welcomes you for hiring top mobile app developers from their company. The client can also monitor them very closely as they give a day to day report of the project. They don’t stop with developing the app. They also help you market it to the targeted customers. They are also very good at SEO research. They are very easy to contact. You can just visit their website and leave a message and the message will be given a proper reply soon. They work towards client satisfaction and profit. They provide a 24/7 customer support and just development is not their service. They maintain and manage the application, provide plugin support. They also help in updating existing applications with their team of expert mobile apps developers.

Types of Mobile App Development Frameworks & Services in 2019

  1. Native mobile app development: It is a smartphone application that is developed in Objective C or Swift in the case of iOS and JAVA in case of Android. Apps developed by Native development are very fast and are highly reliable. These apps can access the native functionalities provided by the operating system like the camera, GPS, Contacts, E-mails, and other phone features.

Most apps created using native code can perform well even without the use of the internet. The use of native code implies that the code is linked to the CLI and has to follow certain framework and structure dictated by the operating system. The disadvantage is that making an app with native mobile development is extremely expensive. Most game apps are created using native app development to access the native functions utmost performance without any discrepancies.

  1. Web apps: These are the proper versions of websites that are made to work with the constraints on a mobile platform. These are basically websites that look and feel like a proper mobile app. These apps are very responsive and are easy to use even on a small screen mobile phone. Most websites use this to reach out to a wider range of users as mobile devices are the trend today. Use of HTML, JAVA, CSS makes the development of web apps very easy but the disadvantage is that it does not have access to native functionalities.
  2. Hybrid mobile apps: A lot of web applications give a very high performance while native mobile applications are optimized for the specific operating system and show better features for that particular operating system. Now both have advantages and disadvantages. While going native gives better use of native API, web browser coding being easier both can be used side by side in hybrid app development. The application can be built using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS like any web application which makes it very easy for developers. Then, this package is then wrapped around by a container that allows it to be installed like any native app.

This container can be for example Cordova which also lets the application access the host system's operating system features. These include a camera, geo-location tagging, flashlight, etc. This way the application can be developed by using the same methods like any other web application and then using it with the same native features as an application developed for native mobiles. This way is done by using Ionic for the development of hybrid apps.

In the case where react native is used the application is similar to that of a native app. The main application is built using Java and react native development services. The simple processes are handled by using Java and React while the pages that are responsible for the interactive user interface are done by using native device code.

Applications made by hybrid development tools make the apps be more easy to install and update, they can be directly deployed rather than using an app store. The main use of having this feature is that the coding needs to be done only once and then it can be deployed directly to all the app stores like IOS, Android, Windows, etc, that is the application is not platform dependent.

All of the above mentioned types are in use for a long time and companies choose any one of the above based on their requirements. The hybrid mobile app developers help in development in any platform to make applications using native, web-based or hybrid mobile applications based on the needs and capabilities required from the program. But the new advancements in mobile development is the Progressive web application.

What is a progressive web application ?

Progressive web applications are those web pages or websites which provide the looks and performance of native applications like push notifications or offline working but work just like normal web pages. With the modern advancements in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Progressive web applications provide faster delivery times with native app like functionalities with no app stores or downloads. They are available completely on the internet. They are very reliable and work offline and even with very bad network conditions. They are very fast with smooth interactions and runs on a desktop or mobile or anywhere with a browser. They provide a very immersive and interactive experience like native applications with the whole interface being online, discoverable with just a web search. It is also very advantageous than Native applications due to storage space requirement of not even a fraction of the native mobile application from the app store. The web pages reload the latest content instantly and the content is thus always up to date. A lot of big brands are jumping into the use of progressive web apps for improving their user experience and keeping the applications lightning fast.

A few of the big companies that rushed into using PWA development are StarBucks, Pinterest, Uber, Lyft, Twitter, etc. The use of service workers is what makes all these possible. A service worker is like a proxy that runs in the background independent of the application and runs in response to a network request. It gives the user to fully control the native app features and run the application offline or with limited network conditions.

The use of progressive web apps optimizes the application for faster development while making the applications perform lightning fast. The storage space used for development is not just optimized, the application stored in the device only accounts for almost a fraction of the native app size. The user interface is also very interactive and an immersive experience can be provided easily. Although the latest advancements make the use of progressive web apps possible there are still limitations to it like any other type of development. It cannot yet handle very large traffic while providing an array of features. As it is only the beginning for progressive web apps, with time and improvement in the technology available they will become the future standard for mobile app development.

Custom Mobile App Development by using Development Services of CoreApps Tech

Coreappstech adopt multiple software, app development platforms, cross platforms and devices for developing strong and scalable mobile apps with clean displays that square measure really astonishing. operating with iPhone Application Development, Native app development, Google automaton Application Development and Multi Platform App Development to latest technologies like IoT App Development, AI, ML, Beacon and on the far side to conserve your people with the out-of-box practical solutions that square measure beyond any doubt good and jury-rigged. So, grab AN enriched enterprise quality resolution with our speedy mobile app development that strictly adheres to your plan.

No technology is left untouched as we have a tendency to believe adopting trends that modification with time and user demands. Be it Apple phone, Android glasses, AR/VR apps, web of Things, wearable, beacon, we’ve worked with infinite potentialities in mobile app development.

While we have a tendency to specialise in Apps development wants, we’ll assist you develop a mobile strategy which will take your business plan from conceptualization to a well-loved app on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Among all the opposite mobile app development firms, what sets U.S.A. apart is that the end-to-end resolution to make a novel mobile expertise across multiple platforms, devices and OS versions, with continued support and maintenance to restore to your short and semi permanent wants.

Trending Development Technologies 2019 provided by Mobile App Development Company in India


This is right now number one operating system running in today’s market. It aims to build the state of the art of android applications using our exceptional skills, dedication and hardwork. It is extensively used to solve the toughest problems in business faced or countered in any industry. Different and effective frameworks are being used for developing android applications such as corona SDK, Phonegap, Sencha Touch 2, Dojo Mobile, JQuery Mobile, Appcelerator, Titanium SDk and xamarin.

The process used by the android developers to develop android applications are as follows:- idea and concept, app prototyping, app graphic design, app development and app release. The main advantage of this operating system is that it provides user friendly relation or easy operations of tools unlike the other mobile operating system. Also the price of android is affordable alike iPhone or iOS. Android provides transparent communication, High quality Solutions, Extensive expertise and many more features. Custom apps can be designed with the utilization of the following languages such as:- C, C++, CSS, Java, HTML, Kotlin etc. Android provides the best solution of development of apps according to the requirement of the client side as well as from the server side. Android also provides integrated flawless app that are extensively functional and helps achieve a particular target. Android apps have flourished in the fields of Real Estate, Games, Sports, Education, E-Commerce, Business, Healthcare, Travel and many more fields.


Kotlin is an open source static type programming language that runs on Java Virtual Machine or simply JVM. It can be compiled in the form of JavaScript source. Kotlin has been sponsored and developed by JetBrains and open source contributor. It has first appeared in the year 2011 and has been stably released in December 6,2018. It is static and is dependent on the performance of Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It supports all types of operating system that runs on Java Virtual Machine. It has been licensed by Apache 2 and it has its official website- .

  • Google supports Kotlin to work with Android operating system which provides the provision of including in IDE installation package store.

The name comes from the kotlin island which is situated near St. Peterburg. The first version of Kotlin has been released on 15th February in the year 2016 (Kotlin v1.0). The next version of kotlin was released on 28th November 2017 (Kotlin v1.2). In this new feature of sharing of codes between JVM and JavaScript was added or introduced. The last version of kotlin was released on 29th October 2018 (kotlin v1.3) for asynchronous programming. One of the important application of Kotlin is that it is used in the development of android applications. It was adopted by the following companies:- Amazon Web Services, Pinterest, Coursera, Netflix, Uber, Square, Trello, Basecamp and others. The support of Aion Network is one of the greatest support of Kotlin. Kotlin has already been adopted by several developers as recognized by google which are as follows:- Expedia, Flipboard, Pinterest, Square and others for their successful android app production or development.


It is a second most popular operating system adopted by the common users and developed by the developers after android operating system. It has been created and maintained by Apple Inc. iOS has led to the development of many sorts of devices such as iPad, iPod Touch etc. This operating system has been written with the help of the languages such as C, C++, Objective-C, Swift. It was initially released on 29th June 2007 ( 11 years ago) and its latest release is in 20th December 2018. It has its family like Unix-like which is based on macOS and Darwin. It is available in 40 different languages. It has been created for multiple platforms such as ARMv8-A, ARMv7-A, ARMv6. It consist of hybrid kernel. Products available in market are Smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, portable media players. It has its official website-

People are preferring iPhone mobiles more than android mobiles because iPhone provides good System font, Folders, advanced Notification center, excellent accessibility, multitasking operation ( push notification, background audio, voice over IP, Fast app switching, good task completion and many more). Iphone provides good security such as- Encryption, Non executable memory, Address Space Layout Randomization, Touch ID, Passcode, Secure Enclave, Secure Booting, Keychain, App Security and Network Security.


Swift is a powerful innovative programming language that is used to develop iOS or iPhone apps. It is specifically designed for macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS. Swift is quite interactive and fun to deal with. Swift 4 has been developed for the purpose of bug tracker, mailing list etc. It makes the software faster and efficient to run on any device and its official website is

Swift 4 can be used with Swift 3 in three different modes:-

  1. Swift 3
  2. Swift 4
  3. Mixed mode

Swift 4 is easier to deal with Strings,provide safety key paths, gives good access to memory path and many more and thus Swift plays an important role in the development of iOS or iPhone operating system.


Ionic for mobile app development and mobile developer was invented or designed by Max lynch, Ben Sperry and Adam Barley. It was designed in the year 2013 (five years ago) and Ionic has been developed by the company Drifty Co. Ionic provides options for developers or builders to create or design or develop mobile apps using CSS or HTML 5. Apps created or designed with web technologies can be distributed through native app stores so that it can be installed on various sorts or types of mobile devices. Ionic is an npm module and requires the support of Node js. Ionic develops or designs web designs, devices and this is one of the major aspect of ionic. Ionic have been built or designed or developed because it is strongly believed that HTML 5 would rule on mobile over time, exactly as it has on the desktop. When the desktop computer will come to power and the web browser had advanced , every person will start engaging with web in the computer spending much time on it. Unlike a responsive framework Ionic comes with very native styled mobile UI mobile elements and layouts that you would get with a native SDK on IOS or Android but did not really exist before on the web. Ionic gives you the best ways to build mobile application in association with HTML 5, CSS and many more.


The new version known as Ionic 3 or Ionic were developed on the peak of Angularjs and Cordova Apache in the year 2013. Ionic 3 works for CSS transition so that it can maximize the left over processor time and by that no valuable time is consumed. Apart from SDk Ionic allows the developers or designers to deal with the features such as push notification, analytics etc. Command Line Interface provides the Ionic 3 developers to deal with any sort or type of work or project with user friendly code or command by the user. The CLI also allows the users to get the facilities of Cordova plugins, push notification, build native binaries and many more features that makes the daily life of common people more easy and pretty. Ionic 3 uses Angular for providing the users with some certain features such as custom notification and various methods or sorts of interaction methods.


React Native can be best defined as a open source development framework independent cross based platform for writing real application or natively rendering mobile application or natively rendering mobile application source for iOS and Android. It exposes user interface platform of AOI packages like mobile camera phone or simply the user’s location. React Native does not develops any HTML 5 app or hybrid apps but builts app using the languages C or Java. It uses the same fundamental concept of building blocks of UI of iOS and for Android mobile devices applications or apps. It is simply a real mobile app development framework.

React Native does not provide a complete set of application framework. It is specifically designed for building user interfaces and connection of software’s which might be a necessary fact for a developer to build an application. React Native allows the designer or developer to choose any types or sorts of libraries from the list of JavaScript libraries for successfully accomplishing their task such as performing network access or local data storage.

In order to continue the unidirectional flow of commands or codes of React Native which is totally alternative of Angularjs bidirectional flow. The popular model view applications or controller is implemented which is sent through in the form of a packet or a central dispatcher. The basic principle of running Native in any system or processor is that it runs on a Background process via diagonalizable, batched bridge process corner prototype and asynchronous system model of the user corner development system. React Native uses the concept of HTMl 5 into JS since Java is less powerful than HTMl and React Native makes use of the acquired or required knowledge of JavaScript into various fields of modern and latest technologies available in world.


There are many advantages of React Native app which are as follows:-

  • React Native framework works with the association of iOS and Android Mobile devices or platforms
  • Reusable components allows hybrid apps to render natively
  • Apply React Native UI components to an existing app code
  • Offers third party plugin compatibility, less memory usage and a smoother experience than the other one’s.
  • A React Native app allows the developers to work with the latest technologies of web browsers.
  • The maintenance cost of the app is much cheaper since the developer does not have to build another app and thus it saves much valuable time and valuable money.

Hybrid app can be defined as those apps which when wrapped with an item such as Cordova or PhoneGap acts or behaves as a native app. Hybrid apps are basically created or designed with the help of HTML( HyperText Markup Language). They can also be included in the web application page of native browser in the android devices as well as iOS devices such as UIWebView in iOS and WebView in Android. Simply saying Hybrid apps are just like other apps available in the play store or app store for playing games, watching movies, sports and chatting with friends through various means such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and many other online chatting apps.

Hybrid apps are usually designed with the simultaneous combination of various web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, CSS3 and HTMl (one of the basic things required to build Hybrid apps). Hybrid apps instead of targeting the mobile site browser targets the webview application which allows them to access all the capabilities of mobile devices. The recent hybrid app have been developed with the help of a famous company Apache Cordova. Apache Cordova originally started with the name of PhoneGap that includes various sorts of native tools and apps which are helpful for designing Hybrid apps. In hybrid apps users has to apply less effort to write as compared to those of native apps. But the speed of the hybrid app is comparatively much less than those of native app speed if the speed of the both the apps need to be tested on the basis of technical skills and technical knowledge.


There are many types of hybrid apps depending on the usage or applications of those apps in our daily passage of life or time:- Hybrid apps for online shopping (Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart etc), Hybrid apps for online chatting (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram etc) Hybrid apps for emailing (Gmail, yahoo etc), Hybrid apps for online cab booking (Uber, Ola etc), Hybrid apps for online travelling (Trivago, MakeMyTrip, Goibibo apps) and many more apps which are commonly used by the users for their daily benefits in life.

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