Top 5 Joomla SEO Plugins you can’t afford to miss for your site

Today, each one of us is well aware of the importance of optimizing a website as per the search engine algorithms. Well, if you’re able to customize your website as per the taste of Google, you’re definitely going to win over millions and millions of customers from all over the world. Joomla CMS has become a global choice of people looking for creating an excellent website. If you too fall under this category then it is always better to empower your website with search engine optimization features that will aid it in gaining recognition among the popular search engines. Below you will learn about the top 5 Joomla SEO plugins. Click here to know about an effective local SEO strategy.

What’s in store for you in this blog?

As a Joomla website owner, I’m sure you’d have definitely chosen custom Joomla Development services at least once. Joomla CMS is indeed an excellent platform for operating your website. In this blog, I’ll walk you through 5 best Joomla SEO plugins that will work as the best fit for your Joomla based website. So, without further adieu, let’s get to know about these top 5 Joomla SEO plugins.

Joomla SEO Plugin No.1- SEO Simple:

Joomla SEO Plugin SEO Simple

While indexing your website, the search engines take a look at your web page’s meta tags. Installing SEO Simple will automatically fetch a section of text from the beginning of your web page and convert it into a logical Meta description tag. This will further enable the search engines to determine the search engine ranking for your website.

Joomla SEO Plugin No.2- Xmap:

Joomla SEO Plugin Xmap

Statistics have shown that a website containing sitemap has a higher search engine ranking as compared to the one that lacks it. By installing Xmap, you can stay stress-free about the generation of a well-defined sitemap for your website. This plugin will automatically generate an easy-to-interpret sitemap based on the structure of your website’s menus.

Joomla SEO Plugin No.3- JoomSEF:

Joomla SEO Plugin JoomSEF

Search engine optimized URLs play a crucial role in improving a website’s search engine ranking. JoomSEF is a component that rewrites your Joomla website’s URLs to make them friendly with the search engines. Some of the key tasks performed by this Joomla plugin include:

  • Customization of 404 pages
  • Management of 301 redirects
  • Management of URL translations and localization for multilingual Joomla websites.
  • Connecting Google Analytics

Joomla SEO Plugin No.4- Sh404SF:

Sh404SF is a custom-made plugin for Joomla users who want to track their website’s social sharing count. Upon installing this plugin into your website, you can easily utilize Google analytics via Joomla’s back end panel. Some of the appealing features of this Joomla plugin include the following:

  • Google Analytics Universal support
  • The built-in caching database layer
  • Full URLs and bulk metadata management
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Removal of duplicate URLs
  • Creation of search engine friendly(SEF) URLs
  • Support for Google News URL format

Joomla SEO Plugin No.5- ScribeSEO:

Web content optimization is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful website. ScribeSEO has emerged as one of the most popular SEO plugins custom-made for Joomla users who want to analyze the quality of articles published on their website. Upon installing this plugin into your website, you get full recommendations to improve the Seo for your website with a simple click of the mouse. You also get the facility of controlling all your primary keywords, checking the keyword density in your articles and the flexibility of checking all the hyperlinks included within your articles and blog posts. Additionally, unlike other Joomla SEO plugins, ScribeSEO also lets you analyze your posts after publishing them on the website.


I hope you’d have loved reading this post. I recommend you to analyze your website prior to installing a Joomla plugin because a wrong plugin can easily hamper your site’s overall performance and result in its penalization. An organized Joomla SEO plugin installation will definitely work in your favor and help you improve your visitors count and sales.

Have you used any of these Joomla SEO plugins? If yes, do share your experiences. Also, drop in your comments/suggestions using the comments box provided right under this post.


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