Some Explanation on SEO Measurements

Too often, website owners assume that being number one in Google is the only goal worth having in terms of SEO. In fact, many other factors of a website have a strong influence over site traffic and should be considered in combination with a site’s position in the SERPs to determine what SEO measurements are best for any given website. The following are five major SEO factors that can help make a website popular and generate traffic for a website:

Rankings for certain keywords:

Of course, rankings are what the vast majority of business owners concentrate on. Yet it’s important to understand that revenue will not necessarily simply start to come in massive quantities automatically once you begin to rank well. You need to pay attention to what keywords you’re ranking for.

Building links:

It oversimplifies the complex SEO environment to focus obsessively on simply ranking. Likewise, simply thinking that SEO is all about building links is equally fallacious. In fact, excessive links can harm a site by inciting a penalty. In terms of links, quality is much more important than quantity. You need to focus on getting links from high-quality sites rather than numerous links from low-quality sites.


You only want to attract the right kind of traffic to your website. This means you only want to attract visitors who are likely to be interested in purchasing your product or service. Using Google Analytics, you can track visitors to your website and determine how they arrive at your website and what they do on your website. Analyzing this type of data is important if you want to gauge what sorts of links are the most significant part of your conversion rate. Here is the link What really matters in Search Engine Optimization CONTENT?

Conversion rate:

Obviously, your conversion rate is one of the most important metrics regarding your website. If you have a high conversion rate, you know that you’ve got the right kind of traffic coming to your site. A high conversion rate is more important than having a great deal of traffic on your site.


When it comes down to it, website revenue is the single most meaningful number that you need to be paying attention to on your site. Your website is largely about generating revenue, and gauging your SEO campaign is best done by measuring the difference between your revenue before SEO measurements were taken and after.

To develop the best possible SEO campaign, it is necessary to take all of these diverse factors into account. Too many optimizers are blindsided by simply focusing on bringing traffic into their website without putting enough focus on the real results that are brought about through SEO efforts and the ROI of SEO investments. Here you will learn about the best SEO checklist of 2015

Increasingly more factors are having a significant influence over SEO successGoogle’s algorithm updates often seem to take the stress off what had previously been accepted standards in SEO. For example, many have hypothesized that the significance of a site’s Pagerank value is decreasing. It’s important to keep up with changes like this to stay on top of what is, in fact, the most important among SEO measurements.


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