[7 Reasons] Why Hybrid App Development is developers favourite in 2019?

hybrid app development

Here we are going to discuss about the 7 reasons of hybrid app development being the most favourite among the common hybrid app developers. Before we shall discuss about this topic let us first discuss about what is hybrid app, description and details of the hybrid app and its features..

Hybrid app development framework – Hybrid app can simply be defined as the application which provides excellent user interface program and it is developed with the help of wrapping of native apps by Cordova or PhoneGap. They read the text of Cordova as a basic HTML programming language and also allows to get easy access to it. If considered to create a good application which can give the access of the latest protocol or WebView development program by IOS or Android. Hybrid is basically used to develop various sorts or types of applications which lead the daily life of people more efficiently such as development of gaming apps or sports app or web app or any sort of apps.

7 Reasons Why Hybrid App Development is being developers favourite in 2019 ?

Hybrid apps are built with the native association of various sorts or types of languages such as CSS 3 and many other types of languages that are used to build an application. Hybrid app works on the principle that when an protocol is found in a web application program which allows the direct access to all kinds of platforms or mobile devices.

Cordova one of the famous companies of the mobile devices access prototype has designed the highest number of hybrid app which has led to the huge increment of the number of apps and this had also led to the reduction of the market of the native apps as well as the mobile web application.

History & Concept of Hybrid Application Development

In the year 2012 the hybrid application first came into market and in the year 2018 the market value of hybrid app has got increased to a very high level. The hybrid app development framework has used the concept of basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build all the kinds of hybrid apps and this had led to the major point of development of hybrid apps in today’s market and due to this reason hybrid app is leading the market rate of todays world and is one of the best application. It has been designed or developed mainly to access all the properties that can be used for the benefit of the society of today’s world and so on.

Scenario of Hybrid Apps in 2019

Hybrid apps provides the user the provision of enabling the code commanding user basic system and this is also another major reason for development of hybrid app in the markets in 2019. But, if the running processor of both the system or both the apps i.e. native app as well as the hybrid app then it can be observed that the processor can process the processor and this process of processing the code app development leads to a major development of apps.

Core Features of Hybrid Apps

Some core features of hybrid apps are as follows:-

  • Device Access – This is one of the major features which allows the user to get direct access of the code to the knowledge of the device.
  • Performance – Performance of hybrid app is quite excellent.
  • Development Cost – When considered the development cost it is not so high as in case of other app developments.
  • Speed – Native app is much slower than hybrid app if the case is considered in case of processor speed.
  • Security – Native apps have better security than a hybrid app.
  • Code portability – Coding system is quite good.
  • User Experience – Native app has good user experience than hybrid apps.
  • Portability – Can be ported easily.
  • Internet Connection – Cannot work with internet connections.
  • Gesture Support – Provides good gesture support.

Find why Hybrid app development & developers are favourite this year?

Now we come to the main topic of discussion which is why Hybrid app development is developers favourite in 2019.

Here are the seven reasons why it is favourite to the developers:-

1. Enhanced system of UI/UX

This is one of the major advantage or reason of choosing hybrid app development framework. Immediate response to a number of multiple gadgets has enhanced the concept of the system of UI or UX to a great extent in the market.

2. Only one codebase to deal with

This hybrid app allows the user to deal with only one sort of programming language and thus it saves much valuable time and valuable money.

3. Interactive Component

This is a major reason why developers choose to develop the hybrid apps and its components. This hybrid apps provides good interaction features which allows the user to get access to various sorts of applications.

4. Reduced Development Cost

The development cost of hybrid app is very low as compared to native app or mobile web application. Since cost efficiency matters a lot to the development company so its Reduced development cost helps a lot to the common developers.

5. Provide Offline Support

This is the another major reason of choosing hybrid app development by the common developers. This allows the user to access the information at the time of zero or poor network connectivity.

6. Possible to maintain easily

Another and one of the most major benefit which allows the app to be developed to get access to all kinds of features which are available in the common mobile devices of the common user interface or user application program.

7. Easy to Integrate

Alike Native application which is easily integrable ,hybrid apps provides the provision of integrating the system devices through flawless synchronization .


Thus this are the 7 major reasons why developers usually choose the development of hybrid apps more than the other sorts of apps such as native apps or mobile web apps.





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