Best Five WordPress Syntax Highlighter Plugins

WordPress is an amazing Content Management System that enables one to create and manage their online presence with the utmost ease and proficiency. However, the default editor of WordPress, that is, TinyMCE doesn’t allow one to efficiently showcase a chunk of code within a post.

The imperativeness of a captivating visual appeal of a website is no more hidden from anyone. And, manually making the code easily readable within a post is a clunky task. Fortunately, WordPress comes complete with a list of resourceful plugins that facilitates rich functionalities. This list also includes numerous WordPress syntax highlighter plugins that allow one to efficiently maintain the genuine format of your code and make it appear more engaging to the viewers.

With a huge list of options, it often gets confusing for users to choose the best suitable one for their website. In this article, I will try to make things pretty clear to you by offering a few most popular WordPress syntax highlighter plugins.

Without any further ado, let’s explore them.

1. Advanced Code Editor

Now, you can efficiently edit your themes or plugins by simply enabling the WP incorporated source code editors via this plugin. It is perfectly compatible with CSS, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript. This proficient plugin offers a plethora of benefits including syntax highlighting for mixed languages, around 11 editor themes, full-screen editor, smart search, built-in version control and a lot more. This Advanced Code Editor plugin is available for free.

2. Crayon Syntax Highlighter 

This is another syntax highlighter plugin that is created at the top of jQuery and PHP. It basically supports customizable themes as well as languages. You can highlight the syntax either from the URL, WP post text, or a local file. With this plugin, you can define custom language elements and handle language files with regular expressions. It is quite simple to implement and access as its shortcut button is created in the WP text editor. In fact, the HTML entities are automatically encoded, so you don’t need to worry about that. Moreover, it comes complete with an amazing list of themes, from which you may choose a suitable one and enhance the look and feel of the embedded code.

3. Prism Syntax Highlighter (detached) 

This plugin is also known as detached because, in the Prism Syntax Highlighter plugin, the code examples are not incorporated in the text editor like other content and texts. However, they are separately inserted as custom fields. These custom fields are further referenced through appropriate short tags.

4. WP-Syntax

This efficient syntax highlighter embraces GeSHi and allows clutter-free highlighting. Compatible with multiple languages, it maintains the ideal code format while copying it from the browser. It delivers amazing performance and highlights the code in an absolute fashion. What it does is, it first pulls the code chunks, highlight them appropriately and push them back in the post. It thus helps ensure a smooth process and keep the conflicts with other plugins at bay.

The WP-Syntax offers great benefits including a lightweight styling and scripting, customized code color schemes, customizable GeSHi initialization settings and a lot more. You may choose the desired color scheme and highlight the included code to make it more appealing. However, it also has a downside as it consumes a lot of time in delivering updates and doesn’t display inline code in paragraphs.

5. Syntax Highlighter for WordPress

By using this plugin on a WordPress site, you can reap the benefits of the Syntax Highlighter created by Alex Gorbachev. The support for multiple programming languages makes it a versatile plugin. It includes CSS, C#, Java, C++, C, Delphi, Ruby, VB.NET, XML, SQL, Scala and a lot more.

This proficient plugin is quite popular among WordPress developers due to its utile features. It is a lightweight plugin that comes complete with a whopping number of browsers support. There is no server dependency integrated with this plugin and it is entirely available on the client side.

These are a few of the popular WordPress plugins that deliver incredible performance and help make the integrated code visually more enticing and easily readable. While supporting multiple programming languages these plugins also ensure consistent performance. You may install and activate any of the above-mentioned syntax highlighter plugins in your WP site and make your post featuring code snippets more interesting and engaging to your readers.





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