A Sneak Peek At The Significance of WordPress RSS Feeds and Their Use

The Internet world has got changed a lot over the last decade. It has changed the way the content is distributed and accessed. The competition has become fierce, making website owners go all out to grab the attention of their customers. These days, to establish a strong digital presence, a website has to load blazingly fast. It should be aesthetically pleasing, and at the same time work flawlessly behind the scenes while leveraging the benefits of search engines. WordPress is a great platform that offers its users creative flexibility and advanced methods. Also to get their website seen by their audience. This CMS platform gives its users an opportunity to organize the content in the manner so that search engines can rank it better, thus increasing conversions and fan following.

What is RSS Feed?

WordPress comes complete with a “Feeds” functionality in its core. Stands for “Really Simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summary”, RSS feeds are popularly known as Feeds or News Feeds. RSS feeds in WordPress allow your users to keep a track of the updates of their favorite news, blogging or any other kind of website. Traditionally, when someone wanted to keep a track of their website, they used to bookmark the URL and had to manually visit the site to see if any latest update has been introduced. However, with RSS it has become easier for the site owners to let their audience know every time an update is being introduced. This way users will be well informed about their websites without having any need to manually visit the site.

RSS is helpful for the site owners to syndicate their content so that it can be provided to the people in their emails, feed reader, or any place where it can be provided. It is nothing but an XML document which contains either full or summarized text coupled with the metadata including the publication date, author’s name, etc. RSS allows content to come to your readers. This implies that they don’t have to go for each website individually to view the latest updates you’ve published. Reading content RSS feeds not only saves a lot of time. Also provides the content publishers to market their content efficiently.

Many leading content management systems such as WordPress feature an inbuilt RSS support. WordPress automatically creates an RSS feed for the site. The CMS supports a default system which consists of the metadata which signals the location of your website.

Why You Should Start Using RSS Feeds

One of the major benefits of RSS is the ease it provides in the content distribution to your target audience. Once established to your WordPress site, whenever you publish any post, it will be automatically syndicated across the feed. Anyone who follows this feed will get the update regardless of the platform they use to access the information.

Using RSS means you are providing better ways for your customers to subscribe to your website or its content. This will keep them updated all the time whenever any new content is being published directly in their web browsers. Subscribers don’t need to bookmark your website or remember its URL as you are providing the content to a central location where they can access it easily.

RSS feeds also help website owners in building a loyal customer base and keeping them captivated. People who subscribe to your website are more likely to share your content across multiple social media platforms, which ultimately helps you grow your site. It also allows you to stay connected with your readers, even when they aren’t accessing the website directly.

Using RSS Feeds

One can easily subscribe to RSS feeds using a feed burner. Feedly is the most recommended one and is available in the form of both add-ons as well as the mobile app. Using Feedly, you can track analytics about your RSS feed’s subscriber activity. Once configured you can have the statistics about your website and how its content has been accessed by the users.


RSS feeds are useful to you as well as to your users. It provides you with an augmented way to add your content and make it available to your audience in the manner most effective. It not only maximizes the future growth potential of your website but also provides comfort to readers to access the content they like the most.





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