Top Plugins You Can Use for Your WordPress Video Site

The versatility of WordPress is what that makes it popular amongst web designers and developers. Even, the novice can create a website without any technical guidance. That’s why this CMS platform is gaining popularity in the web development industry.

We know that WordPress offers millions of handy plugins that allow you to add the extra functionality to the site. And today, we will discuss the best five WordPress video plugins available in WordPress.

These plugins will assist you in embedding video content at multiple locations of your site. Many website owners want to add video content to their site to make it look engaging. In fact, an audio-visual presentation has the ability to deliver the message in a more effective way.

In this post, we have picked the best five WordPress video plugins that can help you adding video content.

1. TubePress:

TubePress is one of the highest downloaded WordPress video plugins that enable you to embed YouTube videos to your site or blog. This plugin comes in two forms, free and at a price. It gives you the extensibility to download, install and run the plugin without any confusion. After configuring the plugin into the site, you can use the shortcode in your post or page and your video gallery with TubePress will be represented.

However, TubePress doesn’t support responsive design at default. It is the biggest limitation that stops many developers to utilize this plugin. But, if you know about the CSS tricks or having knowledge about the coding, then you can enable it for the responsive design as well.

2. YouTube Embed:

YouTube Embed is the most popular plugin that is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Most of the people are using this plugin to embed video content on their site to make it more beautiful and impactful.

This plugin will help you to embed a simple video and also allows you to add the whole channel and display any specific content from there. With this, you can hide the logo of YouTube with an objective to give a fresh look. In fact, you can also add a playlist.

3. Contus Video Gallery:

Contus Video Gallery is used to create a professional video gallery on your website. It can convert your video gallery into an online FLV player right on your website. This plugin supports to play FLV and H .264 encoded video that include MP3, MP4, MOV, Mp4v. It also supports the responsive design and allows you to represent your video content in a more dynamic way.

4. Responsive Video Embeds:

You can add the videos by importing their embedded code and pasting in HTML view. It can help you to showcase the video content to the desktop users, but when it comes to the mobile visitors, and then it becomes difficult for the device to run the same video.

In such cases, you can use the Responsive Videos Embeds, which a great WordPress plugin that will make the embedded code responsive quickly and easily. Now you can also run the same video content smoothly on the mobile devices. The best thing about this plugin is that it is easy to download and install.

5. FV WordPress FlowPlayer:

FV WordPress FlowPlayer is available for free that allows you to add video from any famous social platform or even from your server. This plugin also creates playlists and various instances on a single webpage. It has the capability to support many themes and comes with the compatibility for some server technologies that can help in delivering the results in a short time span.

Wrapping up:

Hopefully, you enjoyed this post and also found the way of adding the video content on your website. With the help of these five WordPress Video plugins, you can add the videos to your site and make your content more interesting and engaging.




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