Debunking Objections Against SEO – SEO benefits

SEO benefits are immense and proven, and yet there are still thousands of companies shying away from it. Unfortunately, these companies chose to believe that SEO is no good. Wrong. Here are some of the most common SEO objections and why they are completely untrue.here is the link where you know about SEO keyword

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1) SEO is not effective.

This is perhaps the biggest falsehood regarding SEO. It is as if saying that advertising doesn’t work at all. Plain absurd. There is a big difference between an optimized and unoptimized site wherein the user can easily find the optimized site than the unoptimized one.

However, this objection can be true, that is if the SEO provider is using black hat methods.

2) SEO is unpredictable.

Yes, it is. Nevertheless, unpredictable doesn’t necessarily mean unreliable as what the objection implies. Due to persistent algorithm changes, there are various ways by which SEO may become predictable. One of these is complying with the best practices and checklists.

An important path in making SEO more predictable is by educating yourself regarding the changes including new strategies and tactics.

3) SEO is unstable.

This objection seems blurry because it is not clear which is unstable – SEO itself or the outcomes (traffic + ranking) that SEO produce. Regardless though, what makes SEO unstable is the fact that aside from new algorithms, your competitors are doing SEO and their strategies is more sophisticated than yours.

Doing purely white hat methods is a surefire way of combating SEO’s instability.

4) SEO takes a while.

Creating web presence is easy because all you need is a website. Building such presence is the difficult part because it takes a little longer. It is true they say that you cannot rank a website in just one day. An established presence, along with traffic and ranking, always takes time.

Be reminded that SEO is an ongoing effort. Results are only evident at least after a couple of months of launching a campaign. Some campaigns even require more than six months to bring the desired results.

5) SEO is too technical.

SEO involves technical and non-technical processes. This is the main reason SEO must be integrated with the web design process as early as possible. Finding keywords, targeting them, creating contents based on each keyword that attracts the right users, monitoring the performance of the keywords and analyzing data are no easy feat.

While it may appear technical for some, the good news is everything can be learned.

6) SEO is expensive.

Indeed. Good SEO gets harder with each algorithm update. That’s why the prices are shooting up. On the other hand, SEO has never been free. While it is so, it is relatively cheaper than other types of online promotion.

Think of SEO as an investment that offers ongoing returns. Done right, you may reap the SEO benefits even after a year or two.

SEO is an ever-changing landscape, but not all changes will affect the performance of your website. Some might even do more good than harm, that is, if the website is practicing white hat SEO. The above are just objections, and each has its explanation and solution. So, there is no reason not to include SEO in your digital marketing portfolio





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